UPDATE: We recommend the bill be passed, in coordination with the amendements to HB2206. If HB2206 is passed, as amended, and SB1466 does NOT ultimately pass, then we recommend HB2206 be killed, as it will empower County Recorders to extend Early Voting without authorization of the Boards of Supervisors.

IF SB1466 passes AND HB2206 is passed, (as amended), we support BOTH bills.

SB1466 passed committee, as amended 4-3. We will continue to track ddevelopments on the bill.

Our state legislators have brought forward a bill, SB1466, that does the following:

Instructs the Board of Supervisors to designate polling places and method of tabulation, only the Board of Supervisors may designate ballot centers (vote centers) and early ballot drop-off locations, the county recorder must have a resolution from the Board of Supervisors to establish additional voting locations

You may read the entire text of the bill here:


The bill is sponsored by Senator Gray and co sponsored by 19 other state legislators. The bill is supported by the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Our former County Recorder, Helen Purcell, reminds us that we need to be cautious enacting state legislation aimed at Maricopa County, because this bill will affect ALL 15 AZ counties, not just Arizona. Recorder Purcell is consulting with the other county recorders on this bill.

We will update as the bill progresses.