AZ Election Updates

Updates on Arizona Elections and Election Procedures

Several bills have been introduced for this session of the state legislature that are of interest in our efforts to preserve Election Integrity:

HB2052 Automatic Voter Registration – Allows Motor Voter Registration at State, At time of registration for License or Nonoperating ID, Voter Registration is AUTOMATICALLY issued unless customer opts out
Sponsored by: Clark, Alston, Andrade, Chavez, Salman

HB2051 Presidential Preference Election, Independent Voters – Allows Independent (PND) voters to pull ballot from either party and vote in PPE
Sponsored by: Clark, Alston, Andrade

SB1037 Election and Ethics Commission – Establishes a 6 member, 5 year bipartisan Elections and Ethics Commission tasked with investigating any complaint against any public official, monitoring any contributions to any campaign for or against a petition or referendum, recalls, petitions, ethics complaints
Sponsored by : Quezada

Jose Borrajero’s group,The Arizona People’s Lobbyist,, is tracking legislation and I am privileged to join them and track these bills.

I will keep readers informed as these bills progress and announce any actions we need taken to alert legislators that we DO NOT WANT these bills passed.

Thank you