UPDATE: Bill amended, objection withdrawn: HB2206 Early Voting, Vote Centers

UPDATE 2: 021518 Bill, as amended, passes committee 4-3
Will continue to track bill and report back. gs

Gina Swoboda, Election Integrity, UPDATE 021418:

HB2206 (the bill allowing all mail voting procedures at the polls on Election Day), has been Amended.

The amendment that Rep. Coleman added this afternoon (2/14) addresses our biggest concerns.

Specifically the amendment restored 16-579 which covers our polling procedures for Election Day.

The amendment adds :

Page 4, after line 45, insert:


The restoration of ARS 16-579 under this amendment means our current Election Day procedures are maintained: ballots voted on Election Day, at the polls, by voters not signed up for PEVL (Early Voting), will continue to be tabulated at the polling place, and will NOT be treated as Mail Ballots.

In light of this amendment, I am withdrawing my objections to HB2206.

Thank you to all the PCs and grassroots activists who called, emailed and logged into RTS to express our concerns over this bill, thank you to Frosty for alerting the community, and thank you to our legislators and our party representatives at the County level who took action to improve the bill and protect Election Integrity in AZ.

Please continue to support SB1466 (which empowers our Board of Supervisors to determine any vote center (ballot center), and early vote center locations, and requires County Recorders to have authorization from the Board of Supervisors to determine the method of ballot tabulation). This excellent bill goes to the Senate Judiciary committee this morning at 900am.

Please email info @AZEI.org with any questions. Thank you!!!


A very bad, very dangerous bill has been introduced in the State House: HB2206, Early Voting,Voting Centers.

This bill will allow Democrat County Recorder Fontes (and all 15 County Recorders), to utilize Early Voting procedures for ALL BALLOTS even those cast at the polls on Election Day, even for voters who have not signed up for PEVL. 

 This is what Fontes did in the jurisdictional elections and we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT THIS. 

This is an end run around a direct vote for ALL MAIL ELECTIONS which they know will not pass.

 Under this legislation, ballots cast on Election Day will NO LONGER be tabulated at the polls. 

This is also an end run around Voter ID, as ALL VOTER ballots will be treated as Early Votes, ie placed in an envelope and a signature on an affidavit used as Proof of Identity. 

Please call and email ALL of our GOP legislators and ask them to vote No if this bill makes it out of committee. 

Senate: https://www.azleg.gov/MemberRoster/?body=S

Read bill here: https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/53leg/2R/bills/HB2206P.htm

Email info@AZEI.org with questions. Thank you!!!