Update: January 4, 2018

POTUS Tweets:

YUGE developments–

President Trump has dissolved the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity and has referred investigation of voter fraud to the Department of Homeland Security.

I would point out that the ability to refuse to grant data to a national security arm of the Federal government is much lower than refusing an inquiry from a panel such as the one VP Pence was leading.

Litigation will no doubt ensue, but courts will be less likely to grant injunctions blocking data requests when they are issued under the imprimatur of national security (excluding judges in Hawaii and the 9th Circus who demonstrate zero concern with the safety of the public).

This move puts us in a much much stronger position to make an impact and restore election integrity.

Buckle up, because this is going to be EPIC.

Kris Kobach likes the move:

Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state, said President Trump’s decision to nix the panel and ask Homeland Security to pick up the investigation will actually move much faster, and will still be able to look at critical issues such as the extent of noncitizens who register to vote — and in many cases actually cast illegal ballots.

Mr. Kobach said the panel, officially known as the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, had gotten bogged down in legal challenges filed by Democrats, liberal groups — and even one Democratic member of the commission itself…

…Now, he said, the probe will go on, but it will no longer be done through public meetings, and Democrats — who had five seats on the voting commission — will now be shut out as the investigation moves to the executive branch bureaucracy….